The best pre workout meal


pre workoutThe best pre workout meal

The best pre-workout meal prepares you for your workout by building a reserve of fuel for your body to draw on. Many people make the mistake of eating the same foods they would as a snack – such as proteins – and start the metabolism churning hours before it needs to. The end result of that is a crash and burn halfway through your workout session. To get the most out of your body, think of the pre workout meal as priming the pump on an engine.

The timing of the meal rules

The most important part of the best pre-workout meal is when you eat it. You want to eat it about three hours before you work out, and then follow it with a pre-workout snack about 40 minutes before your session. The foods you include in your meal should be of a more complex carbohydrate nature than in your snack. You want to create a slow releasing reserve of fuel your body can draw on.

Keep it small and light

Your portions and calories are going to really count for a lot during this meal. You want to keep it small and light, but filling as well. Remember that your pre-workout snack is going to be more substantial than the average between meal snack, so don’t fill up when you eat.

More vegetables, fruits, carbs and less protein

The best pre-workout meal focuses on longer lasting fuel sources. You want green, leafy vegetables, a fruit salad or smoothie, complex carbs like whole grains and go lighter on the protein. The protein you will get during your pre-workout snack. The meal should be all but meatless to get your metabolism going right. Then you will provide the blast of fuel during your snack before you work out.



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