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The Best Pre-Workout Stacks for Natural Bodybuilding

There are a lot of workout supplements on the market and it can be difficult to choose between them. Athletes involved with natural bodybuilding need to be even more selective as many supplements contain chemicals they are trying to avoid putting in their bodies. To choose the top pre workout supplement for your needs, you must first determine your workout goals. Be sure to order the best pre workout powder for 2015 off of, use code: xxxx to save 10% on your purchase.


Defining Workout Goals

By setting your workout goals, it will be easier to figure out which type of pre-workout stack you will need to take in order to achieve those goals. Pre-workout supplements can help you to:

Gain Muscle Mass

Shed Weight

Gain Weight

Not everyone who works out will have the same goals, so their workout stacks will be different as well.


What’s in Your Stack?

Your pre-workout stack should be formulated to help you meet your fitness goals. If your goal is to gain lean muscle mass, then most likely your stack will contain protein to support muscle growth, a stimulant to help you maintain your focus while working out and the nutrients needed to produce energy to keep you going.

Natural supplements that work together in a pre-workout stack to help you build muscle may include:

Caffeine as a stimulant. Green tea is often used as a natural supplement.

Amino acids, which are protein building blocks. Natural amino acids may include arginine and/or citrulline.

Energy boosters like creatine to build endurance and help you through your workout routine.

B vitamins, which help the body produce more energy.

Experienced natural bodybuilders can formulate their own pre-workout stacks to help them achieve their fitness goals. Those who are new to the sport can experiment with different natural supplements and get advice from those who are familiar with workout supplements to find what is best for their needs.


Supplementing with Food

A natural bodybuilder’s diet will also play a large part in choosing their workout stack and they can often use foods in lieu of supplements to get the nutrients they need to help them achieve their goals. You can create pre and post-workout meals instead of drinking shakes or taking supplements in the form of pills.

Many natural bodybuilders prefer managing supplementation through food to avoid any addictives or preservatives that are often found in powders and pills. In addition, many find it easier to adjust their diet to meet their body’s needs than to keep tweaking their supplements to find the right combination to meet their goals. However, even with a very healthy diet, you should add a multi-vitamin to so your body gets the nutrients it needs.


The Best Stack for You

Workout stacks are not one-size fits all because the supplements you use will depend on what you are trying to achieve. A natural bodybuilder who needs to cut fat to have more defined muscles will use different workout stacks than someone who wants to gain weight, so it is important to know which pre-workout ingredients to take. The best pre-workout stack is the one that works best for your needs.

pre workoutThe best pre workout meal

The best pre-workout meal prepares you for your workout by building a reserve of fuel for your body to draw on. Many people make the mistake of eating the same foods they would as a snack – such as proteins – and start the metabolism churning hours before it needs to. The end result of that is a crash and burn halfway through your workout session. To get the most out of your body, think of the pre workout meal as priming the pump on an engine.

The timing of the meal rules

The most important part of the best pre-workout meal is when you eat it. You want to eat it about three hours before you work out, and then follow it with a pre-workout snack about 40 minutes before your session. The foods you include in your meal should be of a more complex carbohydrate nature than in your snack. You want to create a slow releasing reserve of fuel your body can draw on.

Keep it small and light

Your portions and calories are going to really count for a lot during this meal. You want to keep it small and light, but filling as well. Remember that your pre-workout snack is going to be more substantial than the average between meal snack, so don’t fill up when you eat.

More vegetables, fruits, carbs and less protein

The best pre-workout meal focuses on longer lasting fuel sources. You want green, leafy vegetables, a fruit salad or smoothie, complex carbs like whole grains and go lighter on the protein. The protein you will get during your pre-workout snack. The meal should be all but meatless to get your metabolism going right. Then you will provide the blast of fuel during your snack before you work out.